LDB Design Solutions, LLC

Design Selections Management

A design selection schedule based on the builder’s construction schedule will be developed for each project as it is important that the design selections are made in a timely manner.  Delays can cost you additional expenses.  The best way to prevent delays and to avoid extra expense is to manage the schedule efficiently.   The construction schedule will be divided into three phases and a design selection plan will be based on each phase.   The areas where extra thought and lead times for construction are needed are placed in the first phase of design selections.  This will ensure that all decisions are made early enough to prevent delays in the construction schedule.  After each phase of design selections is completed, a signed copy of the finalized selections will be provided to the builder.

Kitchen and Bath Design

The functionality of the kitchens and baths in a home dramatically affect the convenience and enjoyment a homeowner will experience.  Clients will be given expert assistance in analyzing their needs to ensure all of the “must haves” are accommodated in the design.  A layout in AutoCAD will be provided to the cabinet company for the kitchen and bath cabinetry.  LDB Design Solutions will work directly with the cabinet company to make sure all design elements are understood and implemented carefully.  The client will be assisted with selecting the best plumbing fixture options in the industry for the kitchen and baths of a home.  The objective is making the space functional and beautiful. 

Closet Design

From small closets to master bedroom size closets, closet units will be designed to maximize the storage potential of each space while accommodating the specific needs and requests of the client.  Specialized design software will be used for the closet design drawings.  The technical drawings are then provided to the closet manufacturing company with follow-up to ensure all the intended elements are installed correctly.

Drafting and Design

LDB Design Solutions has the ability to draw plans for small residential homes and renovation projects.  After the designs are finalized, all necessary drawings will be provided to an architect or engineer for review.  After the review is finalized the drawings can be sealed for permit submission.  This approach is great for clients that are still trying to figure out exactly what their design needs are for their new home or renovation project.  The service offered by LDB Design Solutions allows clients to explore all their possibilities, yet do so in a more affordable manner.Type your paragraph here.